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Whisper Walls®

The original and still the best…

Featuring unsurpassed design possibilities and proven performance, Whisper Walls® is the original and remains the choice of top design professionals.

Whisper Walls showcase all the benefits of site-built stretch fabric-covered acoustical panels, these acoustical wall panels AWP’s include the advanced technology of specialized track stretching system components and precise acoustical performance for a tailored appearance and excellent interior acoustics. Our acoustical wall panels will deliver the highest visual standard and achieve all project NRC expectations.  Instead of standard panel fabric styles and colors, select our custom printed fabric and integrate colors, identity graphics and photographs of your choice with no impact to acoustical performance.  Whisper Wall panels are perfect for reducing echo in commercial interiors including boardrooms, conference rooms and office spaces.  There are hundreds of successful installations in church, museum, school, auditorium and theater interiors of all sizes.  Without changing their appearance, these panels can provide absorption, diffusion, and trackable properties as needed.

Whisper Wall panels use Stretching system track technology specifically designed to stretch fabric over the core materials specified, no adhesives are used helping them to comply with low VOC standards.  Any damage behind the fabric facing remains hidden.  There is no need for expensive “high impact” core materials because the fabric floats over the impacted areas concealing them.  Control excess reverberation and tune interior spaces by achieving the recommended NRC performance during or after original construction.  Whisper Wall panels are perfect for enhancing the acoustics of existing interiors, commercial or residential.