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Corporate Solutions

If you have an office,
chances are, you have a noise problem.

We know you’ve worked very hard to create a professional and productive atmosphere at your company. At Clearwater International, we can enhance that atmosphere with noise reduction solutions that are both functional and well-designed.

Get your free sound analysis

Ready to create a better working space for your employees?
Clearwater International has solutions for every office.

Tack Panels

Clearwater offers a complete line of Tack Panels for systems furniture compatibility, stand-alone or custom fit to accommodate conference room design.

Office and Conference Room Acoustics

Offering creative, functional solutions for the corporate office. We can come in and give a free sound analysis in your space and create a custom solution to compliment your space.

Sound Masking

Sound masking can provide relief in your workspace from the distraction of conversations and other noise, allowing your employees to concentrate better, and become more productive.